Our values

Founded on the belief that gold is not only yellow or black but also green, Hemp Factory is an Italian company that wants to bring back Hemp, a product for years forgotten but for centuries characterizing Italy and Made in Italy.

After WWII, Hemp production in Italy was limited as a result of plans imposed by the winning countries. Therefore, Italy was forced to reverse the trend and drastically reduce the cultivation of Hemp, a source of profitability for the “Bel Paese”, positioned among world leaders. 

Subsequently the plant was also demonized for its misuse, promoting the false idea that everything related to Hemp is harmful to our health.
Nowadays, in a globalized world, we can inform and filter our knowledge by achieving a new awareness: Hemp is among the plant with the highest nutritional value. 

In recent years, the properties of this plant, too often subject to bias, have been reconsidered as amazing. Nutrition experts and nutritional assessments of the regulatory bodies responsible for ensuring the highest quality of food for our health have found high nutritional potential, specifically in Hemp seeds:
Omega 6 and Omega 3 essential fatty acids in 3: 1 ratio are considered optimal by the World Health Organization to meet our antioxidant needs 

Company Profile

Hemp Factory is an Italian company that wants to restore legitimacy to a fantastic product, Hemp, forgotten for years although for centuries it has been characterizing Italy and Made in Italy.
In a fast-paced world where people have less and less time for themselves, Hemp Factory offers high quality products that, thanks to the natural properties of hemp, offer daily health and beauty benefits.
Thanks to its Know How, Hemp Factory is constantly looking for the right balance between practicality and taste without the risk of overlooking the most important aspect: Well-being. All Hemp Factory products are guaranteed Made in Italy and subject to prior controls by
competent authorities. Hemp as well as Hemp Factory’s hulled seeds are certified Bio products.


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